Aromatherapy Massage

Relaxing Massage with Aromatherapy Associates Oils

Head (10 mins)£10.00
Back (30 mins)£35.00
Back, neck and shoulders (45 mins)£45.00
Full Body (60 mins)£55.00

Swedish/Holistic Massage

Relaxing/Deep Tissue Massage

Back (30 mins)£30.00
Back, neck and Shoulders (45 mins)£40.00
Full body (60 mins)£50.00
Full body with head massage and facial (105 mins)£80.00

Hot Stones Massage

Back (30 mins)£25.00
Full body (60 mins)£50.00

 Specialist Massage

Pregnancy Massage with organic Cowshed Products

Back, Thighs and Feet (30 mins)

Cupping Lymphatic Massage

Back and Thighs (45 mins)

Indian Head Massage (Choose from with/without oils)£10.00